Aventura Damage Restoration

Water. You can’t live without it, yet it can kill you. Drought is starving people, right now, in Zimbabwe, while in other parts of the world, lives are being wrecked by flooding.

Homes can be damaged by:

  • Floods and storms
  • Leaking appliances
  • Overflowing tubs
  • Sewage backups

And even by the firefighting heroes who save homes from conflagration by soaking them with so much water that electronics, soft furnishings, books and documents are ruined.

Unfortunately, this type of damage can happen to anyone. When it does happen, it’s painful. Thankfully, our specialty is Aventura, FL damage restoration and our goal is to bring the pain to an end so that you can get your home back the way you want it as quickly as possible.

There are four classes of water damage, with 4 being the worst:

Class I: only part of a room or area is affected; little or no wet carpet.

Class II: at least a whole room or carpet is affected

Class III: entire area saturated

Class IV: deep pockets of saturation.

The Process

The first task is to find the source of water and stop it infiltrating the premises any further. Once that has been done, we have to decide on the right method of water extraction. It could be a wet-dry vac unit; it could be submersible pumps; whatever it is, the task is to get all of the water out. This needs to be done as quickly as possible because only then can we start the process of drying and dehumidification. Things may look dry to the untrained eye but there will usually still be hidden water to be removed.

In some cases (plasterboard is a good example), internal walls will simply have to be removed and replaced.

Content Manipulation

Content manipulation is an item often seen on Aventura, FL damage restoration bills. It refers to the fact that, when we are performing water damage restoration, we often have to work around the contents of the home. Furniture, books, electrical equipment – anything, really, that forms part of the household property – that may or may not have been affected by water damage but that does need to be placed to one side as the work progresses.

There is a range of drying methods and equipment and an experienced Aventura, FL damage restoration company will choose the right one for the task. It’s important to note that some things won’t be salvageable or the cost of restoring others will cost more than a simple replacement. Others will need to be dried, sterilized and sanitized. In situations where damage is caused by a backed up sewer or drain, things will need to be deodorized as well.

Monitoring and Completion

You should expect to see your water damage professionals regularly during the Aventura, FL damage restoration process because industry guidelines require regular monitoring of temperature, humidity and moisture content of affected materials. A professional water restoration company will bring the process to an end as quickly as possible, but not until it is clear that all residual water has been removed and all damage repaired.

Regardless of whether you’re dealing with Class I water damage or Class IV, we’re here to help.  Give us a call today to discuss your unique situation in further detail!

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